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Live LEAN Wellness 

Lifestyle | Exercise | Attitude | Nutrition

As a Certified Health Coach, I empower, educate and motivate individuals to reach their health and wellness goals with focus on LIFESTYLE changes, EXERCISE, ATTITUDE and NUTRITION. You will learn genuine, lasting lifestyle changes that will make a positive impact on your overall well-being. I truly believe God put me on this earth to help and support others. These lifestyle changes are scientifically proven based on, Dr. William Sears, a world-renowned pediatrician nutrition expert and author of over forty books. The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute is an accredited and approved Health Coach Certification program by leading organizations in the health and Wellness industry. 

Start your health journey with me today or @liveleanwellness

Annual Retreat

We had a great time at Gioia dell Amore!! Stand by for next retreat date and location.

LEAN Reset (Mind, Body and Spirit)

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Invest in an Individual Retirement Plan for Your Health (IRAH) to reset your whole body. Areas of focus, Lifestyle (how you live), Exercise (how you move), Attitude (how you act) and Nutrition (how you eat), customized to your personal goals.

  • Key nutrients you need to think and live better.

  • Foods for better brain health (brain builders vs. brain drainers)

  • Foods that fight cancer

  • Foods that decrease pain and inflammation.

  • Healing Spices

  • Exercises you can do at home or at the office

Results to expect:

  • Prevent disease and unhealthy aging

  • Improved sleep

  • Boost energy Levels

  • Supports weight loss

  • Reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, brain health (dementia / Alzheimer's), high cholesterol, high blood pressure and arthritis.


Invest in Your Health. It will be the best time you ever spent.

Grow Your Health God's Way

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What does the bible say about taking care of yourself? With this program, I take scripture as it relates to health (spiritually, mentally and physically) and show you ways to apply to your everyday life. 


H – have faith and forgive

E – eat the food God gave us

A – attitude is key (stress less / pray more)

L – lifestyle is your best medicine

T – treat others has you want to be treated

H – have peace and joy

These work in synergy to heal your mind, body and spirit. Let's talk details and make you the best version of yourself and honor God's wish for you. Individual and group sessions offered.

Pantry Makeover (Health Begins on the Inside)

Shopping for Healthy Food

Learn how to better understand nutrition labels and harmful ingredients to avoid.

  • Dirty Dozen Food Items 

  • Clean 15 Food Items

  • Dirty Dozen Foods and Toxins

  • Label Reading

  • Recipe Revamps 

  • Healthy Substitutions

  • Brand Recommendations

  • Smart Shopping Trips

  • Pantry Makeover

Take Charge of Your Health

Bridge the Gap Juice Plus+

Real food in a capsule. Per CDC, only 1 out of 10 Americans get the proper serving of fruits and vegetable which can lead to chronic disease. Bridge the gap with Juice Plus+ - One simple change!

Visit here to find out more

Grow Your Own Food!

With the price of produce these days, grow your own food. The food from the Tower Garden is more nutrient dense and has no pesticides, non-GMO, saves water and much more.... I absolutely LOVE mine. Visit here for more information:

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My Story

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After 30 plus years working in corporate America, I felt like there was more I needed to do with my life. I experienced a disconnect from myself. It was like I was just going through the motions not really making an impact or contributing to society in a positive way. I just knew I was put on this earth to help others, so I did some soul searching for something I was passionate about and decided to study nutrition. I had always been interested in nutrition for years and read countless books, magazines, articles and research studies. I always joke and say I could’ve had a PhD by now.


I left my corporate job and enrolled in a program to become a Certified Health CoachOne of my main reasons for making this shift was for my family. I grew up with my family having health issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer (both Mom and Dad) and eventually my sister got cancer too. It was a comfort to know I now had the tools to support her during this difficult time. Through my training as a Health Coach, I was in a better position to help her understand how to use food as medicine and how to reduce stress through breathing exercises. She says to this day when she feels stressed, she still hears my voice saying, “just breathe.” We laugh about it, but it reminds her to step back, take a moment and just breathe! It was a blessing to know I could share methods on how to help reduce her stress by using essential oils, mediation, prayer and just being a sounding board. She is now cancer free but is still using the methods we worked on together to stay healthy and prevent the cancer from coming back.


Since then, I have discovered the JuicePlus+ community. What a blessing as they provide whole food nutrition to families (free for kids). Real fruits, vegetables and berries in a capsule and plant-based Omegas. I have seen and heard so many stories of hope for people and families eating JuicePlus+. They also provide an aeroponic vertical Tower Garden so you can grow your own food anytime, anywhere. We inspire healthy living around the world! 


I know it’s hard to live a healthy lifestyle these day with everything going on in life, jobs more demanding and technology not giving us an opportunity to disconnect. That’s why I am here to empower, educate and motivate you on lifestyle changes, exercise, attitude, nutrition and weight loss to help prevent health issues and achieve optimal health both physical and mentally. I welcome you to join me on this journey!

Contact Laura TerBeek

Praying for all to have a healthy and happy life!

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